Sappy Moffitt Field Foundation

The Sappy Moffitt Field Foundation, a 501(c)(3) non-profit, is the charitable arm of the Sappy Moffitt Baseball League, funded through player contributions and charitable gifts from supporters and community partners.

The Sappy Moffitt Field Foundation believes baseball has the power to bring people together and build community.

With the help of our donors and collaborators, the foundation is currently working to build a unique, vintage-inspired public baseball field in South Bend’s Southeast Neighborhood, where the magic of baseball once thrived but has been lost to history. Foundry Field will be more than just a ball field; it will showcase public art and historical markers that pay tribute to undervalued legends of our past, beginning with the Foundry Giants of the Studebaker Industrial League of the 1920s.

Join us as we revitalize, inspire, and create unity in our city with a place for play, a place for story, and a place for community.

Foundry Field: Home of the Giants. Learn more at | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | YouTube. Share your stories and ideas with us at